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Life can be challenging  and can seem overwhelming at times. Often people don’t know where to start or how to ask for help.

 This is where we come in...

We always put you first and collaboratively 

come up with outcomes that best suit 

your needs, desires, and goals.

We Understand

You are not alone, we care about supporting your overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and are here to help you let go and get out of feeling stuck. 

We acknowledge the strength it takes to make the first step in reaching out for support.  

What We Specialise In


Psychosocial Recovery Coaching 

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Let Us Help You Take The First Step to Create Meaningful Change

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Our story

We are a husband and wife team who are very passionate and dedicated in supporting people  on their mental health journey. 


We have both lived experience with

mental health and can empathise, acknowledge and understand that everyone's

journey is different and unique. Our insights from our lived experience and understanding can guide education, healthy role modelling and can contribute to  improved care,  enhanced safety and resilience for our clients.

We have over 20 years combined experience in supporting clients with empowering tools to assist them through their mental, emotional, psychological, behavioural  and relational conditions.

We have over 6 years experience working with the NDIS and have supported many participants with their plans; providing them with counselling, mental health support and psychosocial recovery coaching to achieve their goal orientated outcomes.

We work together with our participants, family members, LAC's, support coorindators, other providers  and support networks to

ensure that our participants safety,

wellbeing and goals are met.

We appreciate the deep sensitivities faced by all of our clients and that each person has their own story. We believe the importance for people to be given full empowerment over their own process which will hopefully allow for true healing outcomes.



"Raspal and her company have been a saviour for the clients I have connected her services to. They have expressed their gratitude countless times for Raspal's support. Has been a life-changer for them. I will continue referring clients to Raspal and her services. Raspal is a very caring, professional, diligent person"

Miguel - Support Coordinator for participants of NDIS.

"This is to express my appreciation in regards to all the help and caring that Alaric has done in his association with helping my daughter Delilah. Alaric is the most caring person. 

I feel that Alaric has gone well beyond his duties in helping Delilah, she is learning a lot from him, and gaining confidence from him"

Sandra Kilmartin - Mother of NDIS particapant

"Raspal Khumra has been providing services to my client form 'Mind Australia- community mental health' for  3 years

In my collaboration with Raspal I have found her to professional, thorough, highly skilled, and client centred. The services offered by Raspal have enabled and coached my client to make significant changes towards wellbeing for her life and specifically become more competent at managing her activities of daily living. Specific  work has included supporting my client to re organise her home , reduce significant clutter, understand the impact of hoarding , embrace strategies for change  and   manage impulse control.  Due to this my client accommodation is now stable and is not at risk of eviction. My clients has expressed to me many times how support received from Lighten Your Load has been significantly life changing for herself both in regaining control of her home environment and in becoming efficient at managing stress.  I cannot recommend engaging  Lighten Your load services more highly for where support and assistance for recovery based change is required."  

Kate Yates-  Mental Health Practitioner at  Mind Australia


We have been a NDIS provider for over 6 years - let us know how we can support your plan goals.

What is the NDIS? The National Disability Insurance Scheme was initiated by the Australian Government for Australians with a disability, including people with intellectual, physical, sensory, and psycho-social disabilities. It creates a managed market for disability services in Australia. So if you or someone you know have the NDIS Package and would like to utilize our service through this you can now. We'd love to hear how we can help you with your NDIS Plan! 

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