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Organisational  Support

Declutter Support

Hoarding or clutter within the home and mind can seem overwhelming and often people don’t know where to start or how to ask for help. We have over 10 years experience in supporting clients with one on one sessions aimed at decluttering and improving individuals and families lives.

We have seen many different homes affected by clutter, hoarding, acquiring, and squalor and recognise that most people feel embarrassed or ashamed and consequently haven’t had anyone come to their home for a long time. We understand this and come from a very non-judgmental approach. We recognise that your things hold intrinsic value and our role is to work side by side with you every step of the way, without taking over.

Our aim is to work together to find resolve in reducing your clutter or hoarding, supporting your own end goal, and ensuring your independence and comfort.

1. For some people, direction and strategies are needed to help sort, categorise, clear, or remove items.

​2. For others, counselling and/or holding space for the deep emotional stressors are what’s needed.

3. For others, it's motivation, coaching, and routine organisation that’s most helpful.

And for many, it involves a combination of all of these problem-solving supports.

We offer an initial 90-minute consultation to ascertain an achievable tailor-made goal and if we’re the right match for you. Then we can work together on a plan which may include outreach assessment of your home, recovery coaching or counselling via online or telephone.


Seminar and  Presentations





We have presented at many council seminars, mental health staff meetings, aged care facilities and school staff meetings. 

Please see below topics that we cover:

  • Being Anxiety Informed

  • Being Mindful

  • Supporting someone presenting with Hoarding behaviours

  • Supporting someone living with Anxiety

  • Managing Life's Expectations


Linking In Services To Participants




We link you in with professional workers trusted service providers.


From cleaners, support workers, dieticians,

personal trainers, doctors, financial advisors and more.


We understand that every participant has different goals and we always try to find a fit that is right for them. 

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