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Raspal is qualified counsellor and mental health support worker with over 12 years of experience in the industry. She understands that the counselling process is firstly a very human one and is about you, your life, your joy and pain and what gives you a sense of meaning and value.


As a counsellor, she is trained in helping others to work through their difficulties. Raspal support's people to determine the root cause and holds space to allow them to reorientate themselves on what really matters, allowing for healing outcomes.

Raspal’s counselling modalities lie in supporting people with anxiety disorders using:



*Mindfulness          *Safe place       *Emotion Focus Practise


            *Talk Therapy         *Focusing         *Positive counselling   


      * Grounding           *Visualisation   *Trauma Informed practises



* Zoom * Facetime * WhatsApp * Telephone


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