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What We Do


Provide assistance, direction

on your path forward


We link you in with professional workers  
trusted service providers



We work with you

assist you in achieving your goals.

Forest Path

As a Psychosocial Recovery Coach Alaric works with NDIS participants to build rapport and a solid foundation of trust. The path ahead isn’t always clear but Alaric’s support is. By providing an open and safe space while working, Alaric is able to advocate and assist his participants to achieve their goals. 

Alaric works closely with family members, carers and support workers to ensure that all of the participants goals are 

being achieved.

Alaric can walk you through your NDIS plan and link you in with qualified experts one step at a time.


Alaric works in natural environments and provides gentle walks through bushland, parkland and ocean tracks. This holistic approach focuses on mindfulness and connecting participants to their physical and mental health and wellbeing. This is done in areas that are quite and peaceful allowing participants to feel relaxed and comfortable.


Alaric always works with the participants to ensure that every session is person centred and tailored to their interests and goals.

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